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We are looking to employ a mechanic for the repair and maintenance of stone fabrication equipment including diamond saws, cranes, and forklifts. This employee will also be responsible for creating and maintaining an inventory of all stoneworking tools and equipment. Our candidate of choice should have experience in troubleshooting, repairing and machine maintenance. You will carry out preventive and corrective maintenance at the electrical and mechanical level of the equipment & tools in the stoneworks. You must be able to work independently or with a crew. 



- Maintain safe working practice at ALL times. 

- Troubleshoot, repair and maintain machinery and electrical equipment such as motors, 

electrical circuits, cranes and hand tools.

- Communicate with various parties on the work performed and present status of systems.

- Analyze root causes of equipment failures and propose remedy and resolution as well as continuous monitoring for ways to improve and optimize equipment & tool performance.

- Interpret schematics and engineering drawings in reference to layout, location, and operation of the system(s).

- Preventive Maintenance: inspection, adjustment, cleaning, and replacement of all tools & equipment parts.

- Attending to work orders for loading, offloading and storage of tools, equipment for distribution to various job sites. 

- Completion of daily housekeeping duties individually and as a team. . Other duties as given by management team. 


- High school diploma 

- Experience in an industrial environment or minimum 1-year experience as maintenance 


- Driver's license 



We are looking to employ a stone mason to shape, trim, face and cut stone as per shop drawings and tickets preparatory to setting with hand and power tools. 


- Read and interpret blueprints/drawings to determine the specifications and materials 

required for a project 

- Use straightedges, rules, and staked lines in laying out a foundation or wall pattern 

- Mix specified proportions of cement, sand, and water to obtain grout used in fusing stone 

pieces together 

- Lay and align stones according to set construction plans and specifications 

- Apply and spread mortar on slabs/surfaces using a trowel 

- Cut, shape, and smoothen rock materials using abrasive saw and power grinders

- Operate cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment in moving stone sections from truck bed onto the foundation

- Construct and install prefabricated stone carvings/masonry units for buildings

- Use pick and shovel to dig trenches or holes for monument foundation

- Set and verify the vertical and horizontal alignment of structures with the aid of levels and plumb bob Use tucker point to smoothen mortar in order to achieve an attractive finish 

- Replace defective or missing masonry units on walls or floors

- Carry out repairs on cracked or chipped stone carvings 

- Clean the surface of marble/stone structures using sponge, brush, water micro-abrasive or chemical solution.


- High school and/or art school diploma 

- 1 year experience 

- Driver's license

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