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Founded in 1913, A. Ottavino Corporation has performed continuously over the course of one hundred and eight years as a  business specializing in new construction, building restoration, fine art conservation and stone fabrication.  In addition to our full range of construction capabilities (cutting and setting stone) we are unique in the Tri-State area in our ability to create, restore, dismantle, reconstruct and conserve ornate and monumental stone with our in house facilities and artisans.  The restoration of the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of our most renowned works.  Recently, we completed the restoration of the Brooklyn Appellate Court and the Whitney Museum.


A. Ottavino Corporation provides a full spectrum of building construction and conservation services.  We perform building and monument probes, surveys, conservation studies, material testing, specifications, installation, and treatment.  Unique in New York City, our resources include over 30,000 square feet of climate controlled areas, high sheds and open spaces.  Our shop is equipped with two 25-ton cranes, stone cutting machinery, and space suitable for the storage and conservation of works of art that require removal and repair in a controlled environment.  We also have a library of over a thousand volumes of architectural, conservation and materials, science books and publications, a library of material samples, and use of full laboratory facilities.


A. Ottavino Corporation's exceptional combination of in house conservators, architects, engineers, craftsmen, sculptors, carvers and mechanics enables us to bridge the boundaries between design and construction, art and technology, conservation and restoration, as we bring together innovative building technology and traditional construction methodology to enhance the quality of  new and historic structures.

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